Tweaked Kevlar vest stops bugs as well as bullets

日期:2019-03-02 09:13:12 作者:濮燧噌 阅读:

TO SOUP up your bulletproof vest, why not make it antibacterial, too? Jie Luo and Yuyu Sun of the University of South Dakota in Vermillion have done just that, using a molecule called polymethacrylamide (PMAA). The pair dipped Kevlar fabric – used in fire-retardant clothing and bulletproof vests – in a solution of PMAA and baked it at 110 °C. Next they washed the coated fabric in a mild bleach, where the chlorine atoms converted the ends of the PMAA molecules into N-halamines, which kill many pathogens. The fabric retained Kevlar’s toughness and thermal properties,